+ System Introduction
Distributed on-grid power station is able to convert solar energy into electric power directly through PV modules, which located near user’s place, and has smaller installed capacity. Electric power mainly produced by users themselves by using renewable energy power generation facilities, or multi cascade power supply system with power output, the grid voltage level is below 110KV and can be adjusted in the distribution system. Distributed network mainly refers to the on-grid system on user’s side, power system is a part of load interface. Distributed PV power generation is equipped with two general application modes, namely “Self sufficient, excess electricity for grid” and “full access to the grid”;
+ Distributed Characteristics
It has wide adaptability which is particularly suitable for urban and rural household power supply. And it serves as interactive application power station with agriculture industry and other industries.
With low operating and maintenance costs, zero fuel costs and energy independence, it is not influenced by rising energy prices; Construction cycle is short, longservice life (Life expectancy is 25 years), the paybackperiod of the whole system is affected by on-grid price,investment payback period is between 7-10 years.
+Distributed Applications
Distributed solar power station can be applied to Industrial & Commercial Park、City、School、Hospital、Household etc

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