+ Off Grid System Solution
Off grid system mainly refers to a new energy power supply system relying on storage battery as the backup. In the case of sunlight during the day, the solar battery supplies power to the load and stores excess power in the battery; When the sunshine is insufficient or during the night and cloudy days, battery serves as the backup to ensure all power is sent to the load till the next sunny day. Repeat continuously. Pure solar power supply has the characteristics of high reliability, low maintenance and long service life. 
+Off-Grid Schematic
+System Application Scene
Off-Grid include PV communication、 PV pipeline、PV household (including drinking water project, household lighting system)、PV portable equipment (camping lamp, USB charging, etc )、PV municipal and transportation (street lamp, spike lamp, signal lamp etc )、PV monitoring (road, border check)、 PV agriculture (including solar water extraction, solar drip irrigation, solar insecticidal lamp, etc )、PV fishery (fishermen, lighthouse, high altitude obstacle lamp)、PV meteorology, earthquake

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