+ BIPV Introduction
The building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) is the technology integrating the solar power generating products into the buildings. As the society develops, it is more and more common to require the buildings to be energy saving. The BIPV can serve as both the PV power generation element and building material substitute, and thus is preferred for more and more new buildings. Also, the BIPV represents the future development direction of the building science and technology and new energy technology.

The solar PV power generation system is designed and constructed simultaneously with the buildings and integrated perfectly with the buildings. It is also called the “structure-integrated” or “building material-integrated” solar photovoltaics. As part of the external structure of the buildings, it can generate power and be used as the building members or materials. Furthermore, it can make the building look more beautiful, and form a perfect combination with the building.
+BIPV Characteristics
Meeting the requirements of the PV system for solar modules, and the standards IEC61730 and IEC61215 Building material substitute: meeting the building modulus (300 mm) and common purlin spacing (1,500 mm) requirements and building material application regulations, with a service life of over 25 years
+BIPV Applications
BIPV ROOF : The BIPV products can be installed on the roof to form the PV roof, PV light collection roof, tiled or metal PV roof, etc BIPV CURTAIN : The BIPV products can also be installed on the external walls to form the PV curtain, PV pier, etc to replace the conventional curtain BIPV SUNSHADE : The BIPV products can be integrated with the building sunshade to form the PV sunshades of external windows, eaves, canopies and galleries, PV parking shed, PV ceilings of bus station, overpass and gymnasium stand, etc BIPV GREENHOUSE : The BIPV products can be integrated with the agricultural or stock breeding greenhouse to form the PV greenhouse

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