+ PV Pumping System Introduction
PV pumping system is the use of solar modules to solar energy directly into electrical energy, drive motor driven pump device. Mainly divided into submersible pumps photovoltaic pumping and ground pumping photovoltaic pumping (suction stroke, different installation methods); PV pumping system: no fuel consumption, no power grid, almost no need for operation and maintenance, long service life, low average cost, especially for water and electricity shortage areas. Do not need batteries, solar modules directly driven by the pump work.
+PV Pumping System Composition
PV pumping system consists of photovoltaic pumps, inverters, photovoltaic arrays, brackets, water pipelines, AC and DC cables, water level sensors, reservoirs (if any), counterweight basis (if any),distribution box (if any).
PV pumping system main components: Photovoltaic pumps, inverters, photovoltaic arrays.
PV pumping system composition diagram
pumpCore power components: pump The main role: the low water level to a high water level reservoir or canal, pipeline;Category: Vane pumps and positive displacement pumps.
Solar Pumping System Characteristics
The company can provide the technical service support of the whole industry chain of PV integrated services
Solar Pumping System Applications
PV pumping system standard products: a wide range of applications; modular packaging, easy to use Main applications: domestic water supply, animal husbandry and drinking water, urban landscape, desertification control and agricultural irrigation
  • Living water supply
    0.55kW standard pumping water system, Highest head lift, daily water intake: 1 ~ 10m ³.
  • Livestock drinking water
    1.5kW standard pumping water system, Higher lift head, daily water yield: 20 ~ 40m ³
  • Desert governance
    3kW standard pumping water system, Longest lift head and flow, daily water yield is about 60 ~ 100m ³
  • Agricultural irrigation
    4kW standard pumping water system, Daily water yield: 60 ~ 100m ³
City View
2.2kW standard pumping water system, Medium lift head and flow, daily water yield: 40 ~ 60m ³
PV Pumping System Standard Products
According to different power ratings, LONGi New Energy photovoltaic pumping system standard product can be divided into 5 series: 0 55kW, 1 5kW, 2 2kW, 3kW, 4kW
Customized PV Pumping System Products
Customization category: more than 60 specifications, and the power range is 0 37KW ~ 7 5KW

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