+ Solar Lighting System
Solar lighting systems use solar cells to convert solar energy in nature into electricity and provide it to LED light sources. Due to the low voltage, energy saving and long-term characteristics of LED light sources, the application of solar LED lighting systems will achieve high energy efficiency, reliability, and practical value.
+Solar Lighting System Composition
Solar Module, light source, 
lamp post and bracket, controller, and battery.
+Solar Lighting Working principle
Solar panels are used to receive solar radiation during the day and convert light energy intoelectrical energy stored in the storage battery by controller while the battery starts discharging and illuminate the light source in the evening. In the morning, the controller will switch off the battery and stop discharging according to the illuminance. The main function of the controller is to control the street lamp switch, adjust the brightness, and protect the battery to prolong the service life.
+Solar Lighting Products
  • Solar lawn lights
  • Solar traffic light
  • Solar public transport billboards
  • Solar street lights
  • solar garden lights
+Solar Lighting Characteristics
System voltage: DC12V/24V;
Adaptive light source: LED light source;
Daily working hours : 6 ~ 10h;
Continuous rainy days: 3~5 days;
Solar panel: monocrystalline silicon solar pane with high conversion efficiency l;
Battery: valve controlled sealed gel battery, lead carbon battery, lithium battery, solar energy dedicated;
Controller: PWM control, with overcharge/overdischarge proof, light control, time control, floating charging and delay function.
+Solar Lighting Applications
+Solar Street Lighting System Parameter

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