Products Introduction+
The intelligent control system is the core part of the Off-Grid power supplysystem, which integrates thesolar power control module, wind energy control module, DG control module, battery and other mixed power control module together , i.e. rectifiermodule, inverter module, related power distribution and ancillary equipment, aspercustomer requirements, to be flexibly configuredand combined.LNE1200- 48/6Voltage system:DC48V
+Intelligent Control Working principle
According to the type and quantity of the module (total number of this configuration module ≤ 16, total number of LNE2000-48 12 configuration module ≤ 32),
+Intelligent Control Characteristics
Intelligent management
Smart complementation
Integrated parallel input
Data retention time ≥ 1 year
Control system conversion efficiency ≥ 93%
+Intelligent Control Applications
●Industrial and commercial
+System Parameters

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