Product Introduction +
LONGi.Loong system mainly consists of module, integrated solar controller& inverter and battery. Adopted MPPT control algorithm design and modified sine wave output, the system is with high efficient intelligence, strong impact resistance ,outstanding overload performance, wide voltage input frequency and DC, AC multiple voltage output interface, suitable for ordinary household load, such as mobile phone charging, lights, electric fan ,TV, computer, refrigerator, water pumps and other common household electricity load. The system also supports mains electricity supply and diesel engine / AC input.
City power supply
Hybrid solar & city power control system to support the city electricity or diesel engine input as a supplement
Fashionable Appearance
Stylish, concise and generous, LCD graphic display plus LED status instructions, intuitive user interface
Lithium battery
Long cycle life, Large energy density, Low self discharge rate, No memory effcct
Zero consumption
Inverter external power switch, ensure the current input with zero consumption;
AC/DC dual transmission
Support DC, AC dual input and output, which makes user application flexible and reliable
High power density, small volume, light weight, no installation and easy to place
Universal interface
A plurality of solar modules access port, and three output interface: DC 5VUSB, DC12V, AC220V
Perfect protection
Overload, short circuit, over temperature, over charge, over discharge, input under voltage, over-voltage, anti-reverse connection protection function
Ultra wide input
Ultra wide voltage and frequency input range
Intelligent control
Built-in MPPT solar charging controller
+ Product Configuration
Solar Module, light source, lamp post and battery
  • Host
  • Wire and lamp
  • AC adaptor
  • Battery
  • Solar module
+ Working principle
+ Application examples
+ Applications
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+ System parameter
Disclaimer: Due to continuous R&D, innovation and product improvement, LONGi New Energy Co , Ltd has the right to adjust the data in this technical parameter table without prior notice

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