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From September 4th to 6th, the 2019 Fortune Global Sustainability Forum was held at the Fuxian Lake in Yuxi, Yunnan. More than 300 politics and business leaders from all over the world gathered in the largest deep freshwater lake with I-level water quality in China, contributing to the global sustainable development.

▲ Chen Hao, Secretary of Yunnan Provincial Party Committee attended the forum

At the “Green Energy Future” theme forum held on September 5th, Chairman Zhong Baoshen explained the development status of PV and its contributions for sustainable development with the “three facts and two viewpoints” of PV industry development in recent years.

▲ LONGi Chairman Zhong Baoshen spoke on the Forum

The Three Facts

◢  PV has great price advantage:
Just a few days ago, the bid price of 0.26 yuan including the tax appeared in the solar tender held in Inner Mongolia Darat Banner. In many provinces and regions of China, the price of PV power generation has been lower than that of coal power. In many countries and regions such as the Middle East and South Asia, PV power generation has become the cheapest energy. As it is very low, we can solve the intermittent problem of solar power generation through the peak-valley mechanism of price, energy storage and multi-energy complement. renewable energy generation has been achieved for 15 consecutive days through the resource complement between PV and other renewable energy sources in Qinghai Province, setting a good example in fully realizing renewable energy supply.
◢  Great prospects for developing PV industry:
According to estimates, the mileage of an electric vehicle driven by the energy generated by a one-acre solar energy facility is equivalent to that of a petrol vehicle driven by 75-ton gasoline. The annual power generation of land with an area of 10,000 square kilometers is equivalent to one billion tons of gasoline. According to the current energy consumption, only 10,000 square kilometers of land for PV development can meet the national oil consumption. Only 50,000 square kilometers of land can meet all the energy needs of the country. At present, China has 1.7 million square kilometers of desert land and 2.6 million square kilometers of desert land, which means that 3% of the desert land for PV power generation can meet the national energy demand.
◢  Long distance transportation of electrical energy:
China has carried out long-distance energy transmission projects from Hubei to Qinghai. By establishing a large-scale clean energy base in Qinghai, low-cost clean energy is transported to the load-concentration area in the east through long-distance transportation technology. Such practice can be promoted in many parts of the world. For example, it is completely feasible to establish a clean energy base in North Africa and deliver the economical solar power to Europe, which can reduce the energy cost in Europe.
The Two Viewpoints:

◢ Solar power generation is of great importance to developing countries:
The development of the PV industry is of great significance to developing countries, especially the underdeveloped countries. First, the availability of PV power generation and easy installation can provide stable power supply to off-grid areas with unstable power supply. Meanwhile, the promotion of PV power generation can help these countries follow the trend of global energy structure transformation, avoiding the old road of “polluting first, cleaning up later”; third, vigorously developing the PV industry can provide more employment for these countries and regions. Besides these three points, we must realize that providing a stable power supply of areas without electricity helps them to communicate with the world and cross the information gap, boosting the local development.
◢  The development of clean energy requires a social consensus:
The development of clean energy is the key to curbing carbon emissions, slowing global warming and achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement, which is very necessary. Meanwhile, PV power generation has been considerable economical. The progress of energy storage technology and the construction of super power grid will solve its intermittent, which also makes it feasible to develop PV power generation on a large scale and complete energy structure transformation.

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