LONGi Energy Reaches Cooperative Framework with Energy China NWPC
By Overseas Marketing Posted on 2018-03-27 13:38:58
In order to complement each other's advantages, realize alliance between giants as well as cooperate with each other to realize the win-win result in both domestic and international photovoltaic energy market, LERRI Solar Energy signed the framework cooperative agreement with Energy China NWPC (hereinafter referred to as "NWPC") on the basis of reaching a consensus in terms of domestic and international development and construction relating to photovoltaic energy on 7th February 2017.

Mr. Kang Bowei, the general manager of LERRI Solar Energy and Mr. Bai Zhenping, the general manager of NWPC signed the agreement on behalf of the foregoing two companies. Mr. Qi Dong, the manager of Engineering Technology Department of LERRI Solar Energy, Mr. Ran Songlin, Mr. Sun Yongqiang, the manager of Overseas Development Department of LERRI Solar Energy, Mr. Hu Jian, the deputy general manager of NWPC, as well as the responsible persons who came from NWPC’s  subordinate power transmission and distribution engineering company, engineering management company and international engineering company also participated in this signing ceremony.
At the signing ceremony, Mr. Kang Bowei made a brief introduction of the development, future planning, products, service and advantages of LONGi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (the parent company of LERRI Solar Energy), and LERRI Solar Energy. Mr. Kang Bowei said that the cooperation with NWPC can help meet current demands of the large amounts of information and technical supports as required by the rapid development of the company on the domestic and international market, therefore, the cooperation is also highly valued and vigorously supported by the company. Meanwhile, LERRI Solar Energy will provide high-quality resources and service to NWPC, strictly abide by the agreement, make great efforts to support project operation and strive to promote the cooperation and mutual benefits between both parties.
Mr. Bai Zhenping, the general manager of NWPC, firstly expressed his welcome to LERRI Solar Energy visitors, then, introduced the development conditions of NWPC and expressed his agreement on positive prospect of photovoltaic power generation market; Then, Mr. Bai emphasized that this cooperation was in line with the mutual benefits of both parties, therefore, he hoped to establish the cooperative partnership with LERRI Solar Energy, carry out more cooperation exchange and realize the mutual benefits in the future.

Established in 1952, the cooperative company, Energy China NWPC was reorganized to be NWPC in 2013 after institutional reforms for several times. The company was inclined to vigorously promote the technical innovation and technological progress to continuously enhance its core competitiveness, which has accumulated strong construction power and scientific-technological strength. In addition, the company has focused on the international market in recent ten years, giving consideration to the overseas market. So far, company has entered the power construction market of 15 countries, such as Iran, India, The Republic of Congo, Malaysia, Vietnam, Turkey, etc., by which the company is highly honored. The wide cooperation between both parties will undoubtedly further promote the wider application of photovoltaic energy and the continuous development of photovoltaic industry. 

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