Ambassador of the Republic of Uganda
By Overseas Marketing Posted on 2018-03-27 13:38:58
On September 11, 2017, longi new energy General Manager Kang Bowei 4 Member new Ambassador of the Republic of Uganda Embassy Chrispus Kiyonga, extended the invitation to visit the Republic of Uganda-Embassy of the people's Republic of China.
New energy General Manager Kang Bowei longi (left), new Ambassador to China Chrispus Kiyonga, Uganda (right)
During the discussions, Chrispus Kiyonga welcomed the Ambassador's visit to the longi new energy row, and looked forward to the longi new energy as soon as possible to cooperate with Uganda, various applications of photovoltaic technology as soon as possible to the people of Uganda, Uganda peoples the benefits of clean energy, improve local power shortages , Environmental pollution, drought and other problems.
Kang Bowei General Manager thanked the hospitality Ambassador Chrispus Kiyonga, Chrispus Kiyonga and Ambassador for longi new energy industry expressed sincere thanks for the support, and related aspects of the Ambassador are expected to promote Uganda as soon as possible with the longi new energy cooperation, Longi new energy will work with Uganda on mutual promotion and common development, will be the best products and the best quality of service into the Ugandan market to solve local problems such as power shortages, pollution, drought in Uganda.

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