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In the morning of 27th of January, the launching ceremony of 3GW mono-crystalline ingot slicing project of Xi' an Longi Silicon Materials Corp was held in Yinchuan solemnly. Member of Party Committee of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and Yinchuan Secretary of Municipal Party Committee XU Guangge, Yinchuan Vice Secretary of Municipal Party Committee and Mayor BAI Shangcheng, Yinchuan Member of Municipal Standing Committee, Secretary of Party Working Committee of Yinchuan Economic and Technological Development Zone and Director of Administrative Committee WANG Jiubin, Chairman of the board ZHONG Baoshen, President LI Zhenguo Have visited the event site. Representatives from PV enterprises and experts in the industry such as Mr Zhang, Deputy General Manager of Suzhou Canadian Solar Inc, Deputy Cheng from LG, Mr He, General Manager of Shanghai Suntech, Mr WANG Zhonghe, the Deputy General Manager of Yingli Solar has also been invited to the ceremony.




Around 9 in the morning, in the compelling thunder of drums, the launching ceremony of 3GW mono-crystalline ingot slicing project of Xi'an Longi Silicon Materials Corp started officially. The general manager of Silicon Business Department of Longi Mr WANG Xiaozhe hosted this ceremony. He first welcomes guests who came to the ceremony enthusiastically.


Next, President of Longi Mr Li Zhenguo delivered a speech. He claims, as the Climate Change Conference was held in Paris in 2015, developing clean energies has become an inevitable requirement during human civilization development. Solar power PV generation has become the clean energy with the most distinct characteristic of sustainable development due its environmentally-friendly and inexhaustible features. Mr LI Zhenguo emphasizes, Longi always sitci to its social responsibility of "utilizing solar energy, building a green world", constantly enhance technology improvement and innovation and lower down the prices of high-end monocrystalline products. In the near future, based on further technology advancement, the time when the subsidies for PV generation are eliminated and the rate for connection to grid are equal will arrive early, making people enjoy clean energies without paying for high costs.


Secretary of Party Working Committee of Yinchuan Economic and Technological Development Zone and Director of Administrative Committee Mr WANG Jiubin delivered a speech and he said, he hope Longi can seize every opportunity and follow the current of times to enlarge scale of production, improve quality of products and enhance the market shares. The Party Working Committee and Administrative Committee of the Development Zone will provide a variety of service as usual, focusing on dealing with difficulties and problems in the development of enterprises and making efforts to promote the development of new material industrial clusters of Development Zone, and contribute to economic development of the whole district and the whole city. At last, he wished the smooth construction of the 3GW mono-crystalline ingot slicing project of Xi'an Longi on behalf of Yinchuan Municipal Committee, Yinchuan Economic Development Zone and Administrative Committee.


In the warm applause of the guests, Yinchuan Vice Secretary of Municipal Party Committee and Mayor BAI Shangcheng announced that this project officially started! In the ear-splitting thunder of salutes , the guests attending the ceremony shoveled the earth to lay down the foundation of the cornerstone together. The corner stone stands steadily on the construction site , which announced the official start of 3GW mono-crystalline ingot slicing project of Longi. 



After the completion of this 3GW mono-crystalline ingot slicing project, the expected average business income per year will reach more than 3000000000 yuan. By the year of 2019, the planning capacity of monocrystalline wafer of Longi will be 20GW. The enterprise will continuously stick to the enterprise core concept of "utilizing solar rays, creating green world", fully condect the R&D of PV generation materials and promotion and application of PV generation, adequately meet the clients' demand for high-efficient mono-crystalline wafer with flat fare, and further consolidate the advantageous position of Longi.


At the same day, the company released an announcement, declaring the plan for 2016-2017 silicon wafer capacity construction. This capacity will be enlarged to 7.5GW in 2016, and 12GW in 2017.


Longi says, with the leaping up-gradation of mono-crystalline supply chain and manufacturing technology, the mono-crystallie technical roadmap has achieved a revolutionary breakthrough with regard to costs. Since the price difference between mono-crystaline wafers and polycrystal wafers are shrinking continuously, under the circumstance that support system end invests equal amount to monocrystal and polycrystal, regarding to batteries and components, monocrystal products can gain more profits and bring more profits and values to clients.  


Longi insists on building quality, focuses on achieving high-efficiency, and has devoted itself into developing mono-crystalline technology for 16 years. The company sticks to the mission of "utilizing solar energy, building a green world", consistently records the R&D of high-efficient mono-crystalline wafer during 16 years, and finally meet the new soar of PV industry. Focusing on mono-crystal for 16 years, it never stops this chasing. In the 2016 China Energy Development and Innovation Forum held recently, Longi has awarded the China Energy Innovation Prize of 2015, and its wholly-owned subsidiary LERRI Solar has awarded China Energy Dark Horse Prize.


The mono-crystaline products is highly reliable. The crystal structure is nearly flawless. The mechanical performance and electrical performance are nearly close to perfection. During the ups and downs of PV industry, Longi always stick to monocrystal, because it always puts the clients first. In the PV industry, mono-crystaline products are most valued by clients. Sticking to mono-crystaline is sticking to client values, which will surely usher in the spring.


Since 2015, along with the launching of National "Pacemaker"Plan, high-efficient PV products have become the mainstream of the market. Its market performance has proven this point. Since 2015, top clients in China one after another highly recognize monocrystal technology. China Minsheng Investment Corp, TBEA, BG,CGNPC, CNBM and so on has purchased a large quantity of mono-crystalineproducts. In the 2016 PV Power Station Design and Equipment Selection Seminar held in Xi'an on 13th , January, Longi and its subsidiary Lerri Solar have signed a strategic agreement of 9.6GW mono-crystaline components and 3GW mono-crystalinewafers/battery wafers of huge amount with six investors. The leading role of high-efficient monocrystal products is increasingly evident.


At the same time, this launching ceremony has drawn great attention from major media. Many media in this industry has reported this event such as Ningxia TV Station, China Energy News,China Securities Network,China Electric Power News,Energy Journal, New Energy 21, Solarbe, and PV-tech.

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