Ugandan Ambassador to visit LONGi new energy, praise for distributed PV systems
By Overseas Marketing Posted on 2018-03-27 13:39:18

On September 4, Chrispus Kiyonga, Uganda Ambassador wife, Secretary and former Chinese Ambassador to Uganda fan gui jin LONGi new energy study visits.


(LONGi new energy leader meets Ugandan Ambassador)



(Chrispus Kiyonga, Uganda Ambassador Mr and Mrs)



(New energy General Manager Kang Bowei LONGi (left), Deputy General Manager Cao Wenjun (right) meets Ugandan Ambassador)


LONGi Kang Bowei new energy General Manager Mr Cao Wenjun, Deputy General Manager at company headquarters and other leaders met with Ambassador Chrispus Kiyonga, a passionate exchange of talks between the two sides.


Kang Bowei, General Manager of first to welcome Ambassador Chrispus Kiyonga to visit LONGi new energy exchange, and a brief overview of the company's development layout, scope of business and overseas markets. Meanwhile, Kang also said that Uganda is Africa's most promising countries, hope that they can in the photovoltaic field with the Government of Uganda and civil cooperation.


(LONGi Chrispus Kiyonga, new energy sports Ambassador and his wife gifts)



Ambassador Chrispus Kiyong a thanked LONGi new energy for their hospitality of this expedition, and that the current power grid construction in Uganda is not perfect in most areas there is a shortage in electricity supply and even power vacancy situation, if effective use of solar energy solutions to local people in basic electricity, To bring light to the local people, is the good one the benefit of the people. Chrispus Kiyonga also hope LONGi new energy cooperation with Uganda University research and development.


After the talks, General Manager of Kang Bowei presented the Ambassador and his wife on behalf of Shaanxi local souvenirs.

Chrispus Kiyonga, and subsequently on the staff visited the XI ' an, accompanied by sliced factories, research Development Center & research & Development Center station, Chrispus Kiyonga LONGi new energy photovoltaic power station of praise, that future LONGi new energy can open up wider markets in Uganda.


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